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Greetings! I am Lightning, leader of the 'Clan of Storms'. I am a Storm elemental cat, which means I can control storms (hence the name.) I see that you are not associated with our clans. Well, if you are willing, you can become a elemental cat just like me. Here are your choices:

Clan of Storms ~ A life in the mountains. You will be able to control storms. Storm cats talk long distances through thunder.

Clan of Winds ~ A life in the meadows. You can control the winds and change their direction.

Clan of Fire ~ A life by an active volcano. You can control fire, lava and smoke.

Clan of Waters ~ A life in the wetlands with rivers surrounding you. You can control water and breathe in it.

Clan of Shadows ~ A life in the darker parts of the forests. You can control shade and turn into a shadow.

Clan of Skys ~ A life by the ocean. They have close association with the 'Clan of Stars'. They can fly and walk on clouds too.

Clan of Stars ~ A life up in the sky on a floating island called Angel Island, are close allies with the 'Clan of Skys'. They can fly, turn into stars, and grant wishes. Star cats also put a new star in the sky when a cat dies.

Clan of the Forests~ A life surrounded by woods. They went extinct but they could controll nature and help plants grow. Rumors have spread that there is some still living... 


You must be wise about what clan you will choose, for if chosen wrong...your power will not choose you and you will be powerless. If you have chosen, please proceed. Please read the 'Rules' before rping.


«The Story behind the Elemental Cats»


The First elemental cats were: Storm, Wind, Water, Fire, Shadow, and Sky. They found out about their powers when they journeyed to Capella; a land known not by any other creature. These cats had aggreed that each of their given power was special, therefore they formed their own lands, and thus the days of the Elememtal Cats began. There were many wars for territories and powers; and their anncestors were not happy. The Great Ones, as the cats called them, took away the living cat's powers, and left them a message: "6 friends must become 6 clans. Join together and become one with the Elements."

They were given back their powers and they started right away on their unities. All of the cats have Power Marks, which symbolizes their clan and power. The leader serves as a leader and deputy. The leader must choose a cat that is next in line for leadership before the second moon when they first become leader. If a leader hasn't chosen a cat by then, they will be punished by their ancestors, the Great Ones. There can be a omen-cat; a cat who cures wounds, creates potions, reads omens and prophecies. The omen-cat can have a mate and kits but is forebidden to train as a warrior and favor his/her mate and/or kits.



 1) have fun

 2) no cussing or swearing

 3) no sexual rping

 4) do not hack other ppl's account and do not play as their cat unless told by them to

 5) mating is allowed.

 6) you can start as a kit, apprentice or warrior when you create a cat

 7) you must have a description of your cat sent to me on guestbook/sign up page before rping

 8) do not kill other ppl's cats unless she/he gave permission to

 For other rules, and we do encourage that you read them, go to the Rules page under the signup column.

Map of Capella


(map is still in progress)

[which basicly means tht i'm still drawing it xp ]


LISTEN UP!!!  ~moss

Okay guys this site is getting a little out of controll and I don't like it. Things are being said and i DO NOT appreciate it. I do not like the words F... or Bi... or a... at all. other things are being said and I don't like them either. I hear them every day at school and I am sick of it. I'm not trying to be mean but I am going to make this site a clean one once again. Anyone who says one of those words once will get a warning be me, Moss. 2-4 time is a limited membership for two days. 5-7 time will be limited membership for four. 8-11 is limited for one week. 12-14 is limited membership for two weeks. 15+, you will be removed from this site. I don't mean to be mean or rude but i am sick of it. In some of my cats it says that that cat is shy at times but can be feirce when needed, well the feirce me just came out and it's taking controll. This has started today, 5/10/12. Oh and rule number "2" says "no cussing or swearing", I guess you've all forgotten that...I'll highlight it for future people.



Hey guys.

Ok so. We haven't been rping here much and it really stinks.

We already tried arranging times but it seems like no one cares =3=

I thought about such and I think we should come up with a new story for the rp. ( of course after we finish the brothers thingy)

Any ideas? ouo


New site!!

i made a new site called Wolves of Cathandria and can u guys join plz? lilz and swishie are already joined. there are no chatboxes on the pages but there is a forum page tht we can rp on!!! a special thanx to swishie for tht information!!!



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